Colourpop Cosmetics Review

Hey y’all! It’s Prep and today I have a first impression review on a few products from Colourpop.

I had heard great things about the brand Colourpop from multiple bloggers, vloggers, a beauty gurus alike. They are cruelty free, all lip pencils and lippie stixs are vegan, and provide free shipping to the Continental US. They offer a large variety of products from eyeshadows to lipsticks. So I figured I’d give it a go.

I personally had been feeling like I was lacking in the lip product department (ha jokes) and desperately wanted to get my hands on some of their Ultra Matte Lip Creams, specifically the shade Beeper. Naturally, because I have a problem, I ended up with much more than that. I decided to buy 3 Ultra Matte Lip Creams (Beeper, Avenue, and Tulle), 3 Lippie Stixs  (Lumière, Bichette, and Grunge) and 1 Lip Pencil (Brink).

Brink, Lumière, Grunge, Bichette, Tulle, Beeper, Avenue

(sorry about the face demons, they came to visit this week)

First of all, hot dang these are cheap affordable!! Matte Lip Creams are $6 each and Lip Pencils and Lippie Stixs are $5 each. Not to mention you get $5 off on your first purchase. So in total I spent $33.00 for 7 products- not too bad.

The product’s quality was awesome for the price. The Matte Lip Creams were actually matte (*everyone gasps*), had great pigmentation, and stayed throughout the day. I ate, drank, and talked way too much like normal with limited wear. Posh even asked at dinner if I had reapplied. The Lippie Stixs have great pigmentation even though they don’t last as long as their matte counterparts, but they’re much more moisturizing and don’t leave that weird film on the inner part of your lip. (gross, ya feel?) They have so much product in each and I’d dare to say they have more than the average lipstick. The Lip Pencil was such a smooth texture going on and I absolutely love the color I chose. Such a versatile color that nude!

Overall, I was extremely pleased with my purchased and definitely will be buying again! I highly recommend these to anyone who wants a great product for less or even those who are just starting out in their makeup adventures. :)

(Also, just a side note, if you stop by their website be sure to check their FAQs; they’re freakin’ hilarious)

Love ya bunches! ~Prep


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