Pixi Beauty Review

Hello my lovelies!! Prep comin’ at you live with a skincare review!

I have a confession to make; I have an unhealthy obsession. I’m in love with Caroline Hirons, like a lot- a whole lot. I’ve been watching Hirons since she started her youtube channel and reading her blog for longer. If you don’t know of her, she is a phenomenal skincare consultant who also dabbles a little in the makeup world. And she’s a hoot n’ a half, so it’s a win-win. She has long raved about the Pixi brand and has even helped them set up their business in the UK region. So when the goddess of skincare recommended a brand, I busted my butt to find some.

I currently have been using both their Glow Tonic and Makeup Fixing Mist for a while and I’m in love. They’re not ridiculously expensive ($30 for 8.5 oz and  $15 for 2.7 oz respectfully) and considering skincare typically costs a pretty penny, it’s definitely reasonable. I have ridiculously dry skin. It’s like a Sahara up in here man. Because of this I’m always nervous about trying anything new for fear of turning into Killer Croc  (marvel villain, look him up). But this was perfect.

The Glow Tonic was great at removing dead skin and toning my face while the Makeup Fixing Mist works wonders on combating the cake face and making that warrior paint stay for much longer than normal. Just a caution, the Glow Tonic has a weird smell (I’m gonna guess witch hazel ) but it’s hardly noticeable and I enjoy the wake up call it provides early in the morning. And with just a swipe of a cotton pad I can tell a dramatic difference in the way my skin feels; more alive, if you will. The Fixing Spray smells like roses (ya roses bro) and dries within seconds. After applying it, I could tell that my makeup wasn’t falling into the lines of my face and wasn’t revealing nearly as much texture as it normally does. I look less like Killer Croc and more like Jeffree Starr, which I will always appreciate.

Overall, both products have now made themselves a home in my skincare and makeup routines. This has really reinforced my love for Caroline and now I just really want to try more from the Pixi brand. Maybe the Hydrating Milky Mist next?  Tell me what you think of the products and if you have any suggestions as to what I should try next!!

Love ya bunches!- Prep



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