Always Off Makeup Remover Review

Hey guys, Posh here! Today I’m bringing you a review of the always off makeup cloths from Walmart and I’ll give you the low down on how well it removes makeup. 

Some background for this product is that they’ll run you about 3 dollars at Walmart in-stores or, you can find them online here. Also you no longer have to buy copious amounts of makeup wipes, which can add up very quickly.  Because they’re reusable, I can throw the dirty ones in whatever laundry I’m doing that weekend so they’re nice and fresh for the week. You can use both sides to remove your makeup, this being said I only go through one a week removing all of my makeup.

Now let’s talk about actually removing makeup, I believe that the proof is in the pictures.

img_4328 (1)This is my makeup around 8 pm after wearing it for about 12 hours. My makeup today includes waterproof mascara and eyeliner and a full face including multiple eye shadow colors. Here’s a half and half picture comparing full makeup (on the left) and a relatively clean face (on the right).

img_4330I say relatively because there is still some mascara but that stuff’s resilient (it’s Maybelline’s The Rocket), other than that though my makeup is gone. And here is a very attractive photo of yours truly sans makeup thanks to the always off makeup remover.

img_4332I also use them in combination with an eye makeup remover to ensure that all of my mascara is gone. Recently I’ve run out of cotton rounds that I use with my Simple Micellar Water [stay tuned for a review this Saturday ;)] so I’ve started using pairing that with these wipes and I do have to say they work just as well for this product too.

All in all I would recommend this product because it’s a practical and ecological addition to your makeup removal arsenal, though I wouldn’t throw out your eye makeup remover.

— Keep it Posh


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