Tartan Dress

What up nerds, Punk here with my #workitwednesday.

My dress and cardigan are both from Forever21, both are light but heavy enough for the weird midwestern weather, and the dress is wonderful in the summer with short sleeves and a low scoop neck in the front and back.  Hands down the best part about this cardigan is that it has pockets.

My hat and two necklaces I both bought at Charlotte Russe.  The wind doesn’t always let me rock what I call my Undertaker hat, and of course I wouldn’t dare wear it in lecture, but the necklaces have become wardrobe staples.

I don’t know where my rings and boots are from, but I love the look of stacked rings, and black combat boots go with my whole closet, and can be extremely versatile as an edgy addition to anyone’s attire.

Now, I understand that my style can be a bit aggressive for some folks, but this can easily be toned down for just about anyone.  Swap a tan hat and more neutral colors and this look is still cute, and a little less punk for you Prep and Posh fans out there.

Stay rad, y’all.-Punk

(PS: I’m wearing OCC Lip Tar in Vain over Nyx black lipliner and I’m in looove)


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