Making the Cut

Hey nerds, Punk here with some things you should know before drastically chopping off your locks.

First, this is not a decision to be made on a whim.  Your hair is an important part of your identity and how you see yourself.  As we all know, it’s a lot easier to cut it shorter than it is to grow it back out.  You do not want to regret, I don’t know, buzzing your entire head, just because you didn’t properly think it through.  When you hate your hair, it’s really hard to feel good about anything, especially how you look.

Second, people will think you did it to personally offend them. As much as we are all (literally) attached to our hair, if you’ve got extremely long natural hair as I used to (see below), other people will, for some reason, think their opinions on what you should do with your hair matter.  They don’t. If you’re going to do it, do it for you. It doesn’t matter who will and won’t like it, as long as you’re happy with your decision. On the other hand, if you decide against it, why? If it’s not for you, kudos for not making a decision you’ll regret, but if you decide not to because of what other people might think, I ask you to reconsider if only to be really sure of what it is that YOU want. Short hair can be really liberating.

Third, short hair is not actually less maintenance. If anything, I think I fuss with my hair more now.  I can’t leave without styling it, or at least throwing on a hat.  If that’s not for you, think carefully. Also, they’re more expensive to keep up.  I have to get my hair cut every 6 weeks, when I used to go 6 months between trims.

All that aside, I’m so glad I donated my hair.  I’ve loved my short hair so much and it’s given me a lot of freedom to express myself and try out new looks.

Let me know what y’all think about a separate post about dyeing my hair and maintaining ‘fun’ colors.

And here’s some reference photos of my current cut and color.


Stay gold, ponyboy.



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