Skincare that’s Simple?

Hey there, Posh here bringing you a review on Simple Skincare’s Micellar Water. Keep reading if you want to hear how this product has changed my skincare game!

The claim that it removes makeup definitely isn’t this products selling point. While it does remove makeup it would take too long and use an exorbitant amount of product to remove a full face. However this product is awesome to use in the morning if you often skip out on actually washing your face.

Even though there technically isn’t any reason to wash your face in the morning if you’re washing it well enough the night before and keeping your pillow case clean, starting out with a fresh face can be rejuvenating. Finding a face wash that is gentle enough for the morning (to avoid over-drying your skin) while still harsh enough to do its job can be a fine line to walk. The Simple Micellar Water hugs that line perfectly, it makes my skin feel fresh after I use it.

I tend to use it in the morning to make my skin feel nice, and clean off anything that might have crept onto my face. It makes makeup application smoother for me and it has become a necessary part of my morning routine! For about $6 (you can find it pretty much anywhere but here’s a link if you want one) this product makes my skin feel smooth and hydrated so it’s well worth it (even if I do go through it kind of fast).

Well all in all I would highly recommend this product if you’re looking for a morning face wash without all of the fuss!

–Keep it Posh


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  1. Thao Hoang says:

    love reading this. i’ll have to try it :D


    1. The Prep The Punk The Posh says:

      Thanks so much! I hope you love it as much as I do!


  2. Melinda Pettijohn says:

    Hi ladies!

    I’ve read through your blog posts and have enjoyed your reviews of beauty products, and your unique take on Prep, Punk and Posh beauty.

    I’m a Perfectly Posh representative, and would love to send you a packet of samples to review in order to get your honest feedback. I’m looking for a variety of opinions – so you ladies would be great for that!

    If you haven’t heard of Perfectly Posh, we’re a naturally-based pampering product company. Our products are made in the U.S.A. and they’re cruelty-free. I truly believe that beauty starts with a good skincare routine – and we have tons of products to address a lot of common skin issues. These are the only products that helped clear up my horrible adult acne.

    I also know that sometimes cost can be a concern for readers. All of our products are less than $25. You can browse our product line at

    I’m really hoping to promote my business through honest reviews from beauty bloggers. I would also promote your reviews within my business, which will hopefully help you out as well. If you’d be interested in reviewing, please reply here or contact me at


    Melinda Pettijohn
    Perfectly Posh Independent Consultant

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