Spring Makeup Faves!

For the week of Spring Break, we decided to each share a spring staple in our makeup collections that we think is a must have!

Prep- Hey lovelies!! My favorite thing to do in the spring is grab a fantastic blush and highlighter. Adding a little bit of glow and some warmth to your face makes all the difference after looking frostbitten and cold for the last few months.

My favorite highlighter at the moment is Becca x Jaclyn Hill Shimmering Skin Perfector in the shade Champagne Pop. It adds the perfect amount of warmth and shimmer with out it looking like you slapped some glitter on your face. Unfortunately, this product is $38 a pop (ha punny) and often goes out of stock. But with Becca Cosmetics deciding to make this a permanent product, you now have the time to wait to it comes back in stock and save up for it.

My favorite blush ever is the Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso. Its a peachy pink color with a warmer shimmer that’s absolutely perfect for the spring/summer season. For right under $8, this product is a steal and so worth it.

Punk – Yo, what up kids, I’m here to talk about my personal favorite way to jazz up my spring makeup game, bright shadows! In particular blue and green shades that can carry into the summer, though let’s be real I’d wear any eye look no matter the season. I love colorful shadow, but I narrowed down to two palettes that are both still available for purchase, the Urban Decay Electric Palette (for $49 anywhere that sells Urban Decay) and the Nyx Avant Pop Palette in Surreal My Heart* ($16.99 at Ulta).

If you’re a little scared of color, one of the easiest ways to introduce some in your eye game is to do a basic neutral eye look and replace your inner corner highlight with a bright green or blue.

*The Art Throb palette also has some brights that could be used, but they’re sold out every time I go to Ulta.

Posh – Hey there the item I’m going to be talking about today is the NYX Slide on Eye Pencil eyeliners because they’re so worth the $8! I have three colorful shades (see image below) and I use them religiously in the spring and summer to add a pop of color to a seemingly neutral look. They’re super creamy and they have a slight sheen, I use them on my waterline and considering how misty eyed I get with this mid-western wind they last for a good 4 hours before they start to fade.


(Azure, Pretty Violet, Bronze)


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