Spring into Body Positivity

For this weeks Try It Tuesday we talked about being trying to be comfortable in our own skin.

Prep ~ Like anyone, I could certainly point out flaws on my face (unibrow, red cheeks, big nose, etc.)  but that’s not the big reason I wear makeup. Quite frequently people assume I’m way younger than I actually am (No officer, I am 19). Although I’ll probably enjoy this when I get older it’s extremely annoying now and I often feel a need to wear makeup just to earn respect and a sense of authority in my everyday life. I realize this is ridiculous, don’t worry. This being said, if I’m going to the airport, the bank, or an interview I still feel the need to cake it on so that they assume I’m 40 rather than 4. Even in my major (go engineering) I feel like without my warrior paint, I’m looked down upon as being less respectable or less reliable. Who knows where I picked this up, but I really struggle when deciding not to wear makeup for fear of someone assuming I’m a lost child rather than a mildly confused adult. But I’m working on it so if you do see me roaming the streets, please don’t ask me where my parents are.


Punk – I, paragon of confidence that I am, was (and sometimes still am) extremely insecure about my appearance. I hated my weight, my face, my height and a whole laundry list of other things, the one I was the hardest on myself about was my art. Family and friends would react in astonishment that I could produce somewhat decent renderings of people and things, always saying, “It’s better than anything I could do!” But I never found anything I really excelled at in art class, painting, drawing, etc. Then I found makeup. And finally my passion was matched in talent, what I saw in my mind effortlessly appearing on the canvas of my face. To me, makeup is the most accessible form of art. I can practice it any day and make myself into a masterpiece. Going without makeup is a challenge for me, because I know what I can look like. That being said, giving my face a break feels so good. Vegging out and letting myself be imperfectly human is a welcome vacation.


Posh — I went through a period that I felt like I NEEDED to wear makeup even if I wasn’t even going anywhere. I was so insecure of my skin and it really took a toll on my skin and my self-esteem because I couldn’t leave the house without some kind of makeup. I’ve been trying to become more comfortable with my skin texture (acne and acne scars) and my skin tone (I have pretty red cheeks). You can go about this many different ways, my insecurities stem from my weight though so I personally have been working out more and trying to eat healthier, this in turn makes me feel better about myself and my skin making it easier to go out with less makeup. Even though I’m not totally and completely comfortable going out without makeup I’m now able to leave the house in just mascara and eyebrows!



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