Easy, Breezy Outfits

This Wednesday we decided to showcase some of our favorite spring outfits.

Prep-  In the spring, I love wearing floral prints. So much so, that I decided to deck my entire butt out in it for this outfit. The chambray shirt is from a thrift store and the shorts are from target. I paired them with my Birkenstock’s and there you have it. A cool, breezy outfit that can still be warm if your regions a little chill this time of year.

Punk – Springtime is my time to finally wear non-black clothing items and look as if the weather impacts my wardrobe, when in actuality it’s just a ruse to disguise the fact that I never leave my room.

Posh — Do you want to transition into spring while still keeping your dark outfit pieces? I LOVE these pants they’re from J.C Penny’s and they’re probably one of the best things to ever happen to me (besides meeting Punk and Prep of course). I calmed the pants down with a black tank top (from Kohl’s) and black sandals (from Walmart), this keeps the winter-y vibes alive by darkening the outfit. I chose to add a denim jacket from Target because my arms were chilly while we were taking pictures. As for accessories I don’t do to much aside from filling my ear and nose piercings (mostly with the jewelry they were pierced with) and I always pair my outfit with a watch (this one is from Target).


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