Spring Curls

For this Thursday, we decided to each do our own version of spring curls. 

Prep- With naturally curly hair, I find curling it to sometimes be an unnecessary hassle when getting ready. This being said, my natural hair will never look this uniform though out so that’s definitely a win. With my curled hair, I like to take half of it in a updo to keep the big chunks from falling in my face and give my hair some more (unneeded) volume on the top. This is one of my favorite “2 second” looks that I think is adorable.

Punk- There’s not much to curling my hair, I thoroughly douse it in heat protectant to save my color from fading too quickly, then divide the top into 4 sections and start with the section furthest from my part. In this particular instance I alternated curling toward and away from my face for added volume, though I also back-curl it fairly often to keep my fringe out of my face.  Lastly I add a few waves to the very short hair in back just to get rid of the stark line between the curled and pin-straight hair in back. Set with hairspray and call it good.115_1072

Posh — Don’t worry my recently chopped locks wont stop me from contributing to this weeks Tresses Thursday, I’m bringing you a semi-braided up do? I started with the aforementioned curled hair and I split it down the middle in the back. I then dutch braided (you can also french braid) my right side and tied it at the bottom with a tiny clear hair tie. To finish the look I pinned it to the back of my head and attempted to hide the pins beneath another section of hair.



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