Spring Cleaning for a Fresh Closet

For this weeks Frugal Friday we’re going to be talking about the importance of spring cleaning within your closet and how much fun thrift shopping can be!

Spring cleaning your closet can be very therapeutic and the end result tends to be pretty satisfying, seeing a closet full of clothes that you love enough to keep them around after you’ve gone through everything can make picking outfits less overwhelming. This being said the process of actually cleaning out your closet can be tedious and kind of emotional depending on how attached you are to your possessions. The process of cleaning and sorting takes time, set aside a full afternoon to thoroughly go through your things and really think about what you want to keep. Another benefit to spring cleaning your closet is that it gives you a chance to take stock of the pieces you have, this means that you can create different ensembles because in a away you have more items to work with without spending any money.

For all the preaching we do for spring leaning thrift shopping can be a great way to add quirky pieces to your collection for little money. Goodwill tends to have 10/10 sales and this is when your opportunity to go ham and buy all those warm flannels that at any other store would run you $20 but now they’re only $1. I’m (Posh) constantly wanting to add new pieces to my closet to give me even more outfit options but let’s be real I’m a broke college student and I can’t keep up with my shopping expenses when I shop at department stores. Thrift stores give me the chance to add new articles of clothing for cheap so I can keep spicing up my wardrobe.

All the love!-Prep, Punk, & Posh


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