Spring Pink Eye Look

Feel like you’re in a makeup rut? Want a new spring eye? Want find a look for that ridiculously expensive palette you bought?  No worries, Mama Prep has got ya covered.

Okie dokie lets do this! Firsts things first, you’re gonna want to prime your eyeballs. Typically I would suggest doing your foundation after, but this look had limited fallout for me so go nuts kids and do whatever you heart desires.


  1. I took the color Nooner and swept this all through out my crease, focusing on the outer corner to bring my eyes up. This will act as the transition color and help in blending.
  2. Next, I took Factory and packed this in the outer corner and then blended this into the Nooner color.
  3. Then I used Limit to blend the rest into the inner corner that we will be making lighter.
  4. To make the inner corner light, I placed Strange in the inner corner and blended this into Limit. If you want a brighter inner corner, I highly recommend a white cream pencil (Nyx Eye Pencil in Milk is my favorite).
  5. Now were gonna go the extra mile to make this “pop” and apply L’Oreal Paris Infallible Eye Shadow in Liquid Diamond by packing this on the inner corner. This has reflects of purple and pink and will work swimmingly with our eye.

And you’re done!! If I say so myself you look pretty gosh darn cute. Tell me what you think and if you have any quirky eye ideas!

Love you bunches!!-Prep


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