Chiffon is ON

Hey there! Posh here bringing you a spring outfit that features my staple for the spring!I LOVE chiffon shirts. They’re so light and airy and perfect for Texas’ 80 degree spring. If I was still back home I’d pair them with a pair of shorts and sandals and call the outfit done. Since moving to the Midwest I’ve had to change what I pair them with to work with these 50 degree days.

Both my top and pants are thrifted for 3 and 7 dollars respectively. Though I’m not sure where the top is from initially the pants are from Target. My shoes are a recent Target purchase they were $30 and they’re so comfortable because they have about and inch of platform at the ball of the foot so the heel is less intimidating.

As I’ve stated if you’re spring is warmer than ours currently is feel free to change the pants out for shorts or a shorter sleeved top. If you’re weather is a bit brisk you can switch the wedge out with a bootie or some sneakers and add a cardigan or jacket over top.

— Keep it Posh


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