Suncare Saturday?

Hey guys and dolls, Punk here with some Skincare Saturday fun so strap in.
One of the most important parts of skincare that I never really cared about has always been sunscreen, which is bad for a whole host of reasons.  For one, I’m so pale, my skin is translucent, the sun is liable to make me burst in flames any day now. Two, sun damage is incredibly dangerous and can cause anything from sunburns to collagen loss and cancer.  Protect your skin, kids.

So, while I was snowboarding over spring break I stopped in to a local Walgreens and picked up their Clear Complexion Facial Sunscreen to prevent any potential goggle tan lines. Y’all. This stuff works. Adding any sort of moisturizing step to my skincare routine has always been a gamble with my sensitive and acne-prone skin, but this stuff didn’t break me out and kept my skin from getting flaky in the dry mountain air.  I left spring break with no sunburns and a new favorite skincare product.

This sunscreen is broad spectrum SPF 30, meaning it covers both UVA and UVB rays, doesn’t feel greasy at all, it’s oil free yet still moisturizing, and won’t make you break out.  The best part? It’s only seven bucks.

Stay rad, not red.



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