Would Andy Warhol approve of this Nouveau Chic?

Hey there! Posh here to give y’all a Try It Tuesday on the new NYX Avant Pop Palette. To give you a summary before the post even starts: I love this palette they’re totally worth the $17 you’ll dish out! Punk got her Avant Pop Palette (she has Surreal My Heart, she even did a tutorial with it, you can find that here) and she loves hers enough to recommend it to me. Naturally I got the most neutral one they offer (mine is in Nouveau Chic) it features everything you need for a simple neutral look but it also has a few fun colors so you can spice up your makeup without being too dramatic.

Here are swatches of the palette (both with flash and without it), these colors swatch beautifully, they’re so smooth and creamy. There are 4 matte shades (banana, warm brown, cool brown, peach) and the rest are more of a satin finish. The only shade we could argue about the finish would be the pinky bronze color between the banana and warm brown shades, if you wet your brush before you apply it the color ends up more of a shimmery finish.

I tend to use the peach shade as my transition to blend out the warm tone brown that I place in my crease. If I’m keen for some sparkle I’ll add the pinky bronze color all over my lid. If I’m going for a cooler toned look I’ll use the same peach in the crease and the cool tone brown in the outer-v and the purple silver-y color in my inner corner to add some highlight. If you feel intimidated by the fun colors you can take the dark blue and green in your outer-v and smoke out the eye look.

–Keep it Posh


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