Boho Chic (maybe?)

Hey beautiful! How you doin’? Today’s Wednesday Post features myself (Prep) and some boho vibes! :)

If you’ve realized anything about me yet you’ve probably noticed that I like simple outfits; one or two items pair with cute shoes. Like so simple its questionable I was cognitive when I was dressing. So today to prove this point further, I put on a white tee and some jeans.

To create this “boho” look I put on a white v-neck from Belk  (sorry to those who don’t live in the south) and my favorite ASOS jeans. This is the comfiest combo and I frequently will wear these 2 with out anything else. I then pair this with a longer tan, knit vest from Forever21 but unfortunately its not on their website anymore (closest thing).

(who’s that hottie in the chair looking like she’s posing for a 1500’s portrait?!)

To accessorize this ensemble, I decided to wear my healed sandals from Target. Their such a funky pair of shoes and give me at least a few inches without making me feel like my foot isn’t ripping itself apart while I walk in them. I then put on some chunky, gold earrings and longer, gold necklace from God knows where.

(ignore the weird face)

Ta-da!! That’s all folks; just some comfy clothes and cute shoes. I hope you enjoyed this weeks outfit and tell me how you want to rock the boho this spring/summer!

Love ya bunches!!-Prep


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  1. The Sartorial Coquette says:

    beautiful! I love the boho vibes! :D your sunglasses and earrings are so gorgeous
    Instagram: the_ch1ara

    Liked by 1 person

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