How To: Curl with a Straightener

Howdy kids, Punk here comin’ in hot with some Tresses Thursday action all about how I get my curl game on with only my straightener.

For materials you will need:

  1. Heat Protectant
  2. A flat Iron
  3. Some sort of holding spray, I use spray on wax, most people us hairspray, whatever gets your goat

Here’s what I’ll be using:

So, after dousing my hair in heat protectant I usually section my hair, starting with the side opposite of my part. However, for the sake of showing y’all the different types of curls you can make, I did it a lil’ different.


Grabbing a small section and curling at an angle with produce a cute little corkscrew ringlet.

Grabbing a wider section and slowly curling it without pulling the hair in either direction with produce these big curls that can be pulled out for bigger ringlets and really help with adding volume, can be brushed out for some cool vintage hairstyling.


These curls are directed toward the face and tend to give less volume, I rarely use these for my whole head just cause I love me some big hair.  You could use the second method above in this direction as well.

This is my hair using all three:

Hope y’all enjoyed and let us know what content you’d like to see in the future.

Have fun, be yourself, make good choices



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