Smokey Green Eye (Lorac Pro 2)

Hey cuties!! Today I (Prep) am going to show you how to use the Lorac Pro 2 Palette to create a smokey green eye look!I would suggest using a primer or some sort of cream eyeshadow base to lock in all the colors were going to be using.Picture1

  1.  First I swept the color Buff all over my lid to create a uniform color to work with.
  2. Next I took Light Brown and ran that through the crease to create some dimension and depth. I then blended this color up towards the brown bone as a transitional color.
  3. I took Cool Gray and also ran this through the crease, being sure to make this “tighter” than the previous color. Then I blended this into the transitional color.
  4. To pack on the lid color, I took my spray of choice and dampened a packing brush to foil the color Jade. I placed this all over the lid and then blended the edges into everything else.
  5. Finally, I took Beige and placed this as my innner corner highlight to lighten up that area.


And you’re done! It’s a really simple look with just a lot of blending ( ). I hope you enjoyed and tell me what looks you like to do with the palette in the comments below!!

Love ya bunches!-Prep


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