Edgy White Tee(n)

It’s Work it Wednesday and that means it’s time for awkward poses, let’s go.

Seen above is me (Punk) fronting like I’m a hip teen when actually, I am a huge dweeb.

I’m wearing a plain white cami from Forever21 underneath a sleeveless tank from the Buckle, which has a lace back.  My pants are unisex black skinny jeans that I got on sale for $11 at Hot Topic. My Vans are black and white chevron that were Journey’s exclusives.

This is a pretty minimalist and monochromatic outfit for me, but as a template I think it’s pretty effective.  Go to your closet and pick a statement pair of shoes and build your outfit around it.  In my case I chose to complement the stark black and white contrast of my shoes with a softer black jean and a white tank, that while it has a print and design with studs on it, is still fairly subdued with the pale grey stripes on the front and the white lace on the back.  Of course you could accessorize more, I often add bracelets to this look, but I like the more casual minimal aesthetic of this look without them as well.

Stay rad.


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