Boxer Braids With A Boho Twist

Hey pretty people!! Prep here and today were gonna put a Boho twist to the Boxer Braids!!

If you’ve been paying attention in the last 6 months to a year, you’ve probably noticed that Boxer Braids are very much “in”. I love this hair style as it allows me to pull back the mane (as I lovingly call it) and still look hip ‘n happening. It also happens to be the easiest thing in the world if you have two thumbs and have a basic understanding of braids. So lets do this thing.

First things first, you’re gonna want to part you hair down the middle and tied it off into 2 haphazard pony tails. Then pick your favorite side and french braid that side. (If you don’t know how, here’s a great tutorial) Start at the very front of your head and go all the way back and towards the tips. I find that the most “authentic” Boxer Braids occur when the braids are super-duper tight. Then repeat the same thing on the other side. You’ll end up with something looking like this.

You can stop here if you want the real deal but I’m excessive so why no keep going?! Now were gonna pull on everything to mess up the braids to make them bigger (Posh calls this pancaking but I thinks she’s crazy). Be sure to not go too ham cause you still want to have a braid when you’re done. Pull out some pieces in the front to soften the whole look.

And now you’re done- feel free to impress all your friends at your hipness and coolness. Hope you like it babes and tell me if you’re into the Boxer Braid trend down below!

Love ya bunches!-Prep


2 Comments Add yours

  1. What a cute look! Love the flower crown.

    XX, Britta & Carli from


    1. The Prep The Punk The Posh says:

      Thanks bunches!!


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