My Friends Dress Me?

Hi there sweet pea! Posh here with a little fashion experiment for y’all. This post was inspired by a Cosmopolitan Snapchat story where a woman’s dad dressed her for a week!Something that might be nice to know before I’m fully into this post is that I don’t really have a “style” I have tons of random pieces in my closet ranging from something my Grandma would wear to super trendy pieces to everyone’s wardrobe staples. This being said my friends could’ve totally gone crazy with my outfits but I trusted them and they chose some ensembles that I would’ve probably never put together. Let’s get into it!

Outfit 1: Chosen by Mikaela.

We have very similar tastes in clothes and we’re really close friends so I had a pretty good idea of the direction of her choices. This outfit screams “MIKAELA TOTALLY PICKED THIS OUT!!” from the flow-y printed crop top (something REALLY similar) (she actually has the same shirt in a different pattern) to the breezy pants (yes pants!!) and even the hamsa hand earrings and the elephant necklace! I LOVED this outfit and I normally don’t do a flow-y top with flow-y pants but this totally worked!

Outfit 2: Chosen by Mikaela.

Remember how I told you we have similar tastes? This is actually an outfit I originally picked out for the 80 degree day. This gold leaf head band is so pretty and girly we both love it so naturally she had to include it in an outfit. I’ve actually written a post where I rave about chiffon shirts so that was another easy choice for her!

Outfit 3: Chosen by Emma.

Emma definitely picked this outfit out for herself. She’s all about comfort and casual fashion. Don’t let ANYONE tell you leggings can’t be pants! Live your life the way you want to sweet pea. This Ivory Ella shirt is great because it’s long enough to cover my butt and it’s warm and comfortable which is ideal, and the company donates part of their proceeds to save the elephants! I was supposed to pair this outfit with some black converse but since it was rainy and gross I wore my rain boots (same but in a navy color) instead. I also added the vest because it was pretty chilly outside.

Outfit 4: Chosen by Abbie.

I knew going into this experiment that Abbie was going to go super easy on me. While picking out this outfit she told me she was looking for something that she would wear and while her style is adorable it isn’t anything too crazy. I’m no stranger to double denim (I actually wear it all the time) so her pairing of a light denim chambray shirt with dark jeans was right up my ally. Since her personal style is really soft and girly this tank-top and all of the pearl/ gold accessories scream her style (and mine too admittedly). Would I wear this again? Definitely! I love outfits like this, I always find an excuse to not wear this tank but I’m going to try to reach for it more often this summer.


I’d say that this experiment went really well, I loved all of the outfits and I had a lot of fun watching the girls rummage through my closet. While they went easy on me and didn’t pick anything too crazy they still managed to open my eyes to different combinations I can make. I encourage all of you to have a friend or family member put together an outfit you might have never thought of, it can totally change the way you look at your wardrobe.

–Keep it Posh

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