Aggressive Pineapple

Hey there friends, this post is a little different than our usual, less of a tutorial and review and a little more story time, so let’s get this Tresses Thursday kickin’.

Okay, so back when Posh first cut her hair short she used to tie on the exact top of her head, leaving the hair stickin’ in every direction from a tiny little ponytail. We dubbed it the Aggressive Pineapple, and I started doing it too when I wanted to keep my emo bangs out of my eyes (and to whip my hair back and forth…).  However, I felt absolutely ridiculous wearing my hair up in public, I’ve never liked how I look with my hair back. But, as I kept putting my hair back it started to grow on me and I became so much more comfortable with showing my face.  I’m one of those people who is extremely expressive, my emotions are extremely easy to read on my face, which is why I’ve always had some sort of hair as a way to hide. So this “tutorial” is a thank you to my girl Posh for helping me become ever more comfortable in my own skin.

To my fellow short-hair girls, you can totally rock the updo.  It’s cute as heck and you’ll feel like Mulan. Don’t let anyone tell you what you can and can’t do with your own hair, and don’t stop yourself from doing you either.

Thanks for hangin’ out y’all. Stay rad.



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  1. humanebeauty says:

    I’ve been wanting to cut my hair extremely short now for so long but my mum says no, can’t wait till I go to uni so I can cut it and rock this hairstyle too! :)

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