More Morphe?

Hey sweetums! I recently picked up the Morphe 35B palette online so were gonna break it down for today’s Try It Tuesday.

The Morphe 35B palette is one of the most colorful options offered on the Morphe website. With a wide array of “wild and bright colors”, this palette is definitely not for the faint at the makeup heart. I originally picked this up to help with the 100 days of makeup challenge we’re doing over on our instagram (check it out and follow us). I typically tend to go with more neutral or understated colors for eyeshadow, so I was at a loss for some bright colors to create more looks. I decided that this would be a great fix.

The palette comes with 35 different shades both in matte and shimmer shadows. The pigmentation varies depending on the color but even at it’s worst, a second pass with the color would satisfy most makeup junkies. I absolutely love this palette and the variety of shades that it offers. With a price tag of $20, I think this was such a bargain for the quality and quantity. Even if these shadows maybe aren’t your favorite colors, I would highly suggest grabbing another 35 piece palette from their website.

(a little example look for you)

Color me impressed. I definitely will be purchasing another palette from Morphe and will desperately be hoping for the 35O palette to come back in stock (unrealistic I know, but a girl can dream). I hope you enjoyed this review and tell me below if you’ve ever tried any of the Morphe palettes!

Love ya bunches!-Prep


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  1. Super pretty! We love the Morphe 350 Palette. Such a staple! We want to get the 12NB Palette next!

    XX, Britta & Carli from

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    1. The Prep The Punk The Posh says:

      Such an awesome, natural palette!!

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  2. I really like this colorful look! It’s nice to see colors for a change where the internet is full of „naturals“ and „neutrals“!

    Regards, Antidote :)

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    1. The Prep The Punk The Posh says:

      Thanks! I tried really hard to include some color on my eyeballs! ;)

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