Braids for short hair

Hi there sweet pea! Posh here bringing you a hairstyle that if you can braid your hair you can do this hairstyle!Don’t get me wrong, I love my short hair, but I do miss having longer hair that I can actually style (more than just curling it anyway). I’ve incorporated the “Aggressive Pineapple” into my hairstyle arsenal but I wanted more. I used to braid one of my friends hair while he was growing out his man bun and I realized that we basically have the same hairstyle now so why couldn’t I braid my hair too?

Because my hair is pretty fine I need some kind of texture before I braid. I typically do this hairstyle with 2nd or 3rd day hair so it’s usually already curled from a previous day. Then I just dutch braid (french braiding will work too) all of my hair and continued with a normal braid once I’ve added all of my hair. I’m not a big fan of how flat the braid is so I do some pancaking and pull apart the braid to add some volume.

To finish the look off I tuck the normal braid section of my hair underneath the dutch braided part, this also adds volume into the top part of my head creating a pompadour.

And that’s it! This hairstyle is super easy, you can also achieve this look with longer hair! I did this style on one of our floor-mates hair and it worked out just fine, the biggest difference is that you have to be careful when tucking the braid, you might have to make  a rosette at the back rather than tuck it underneath.

–Keep it Posh














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  1. I love doing braids in my short hair! Will definitely try some of these :)

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