The Care and Keeping of Damaged Hair

Hey kids, this Tresses Thursday is all about the maintenance of a damaged mane, let’s get to it.

Things You Will Need:

  • A sulphate free set of shampoo and conditioner.
    • Sulphates dry out the ends of your hair and lead to breakage by stripping the hair shaft of beneficial oils while also weighing it down with residue. You may have one with them that works for you, but for the most part they should be avoided, especially if you’ve got colored hair like me, as it drastically shortens the life of your dye job.
  • A heat protectant.
    • Heat protectant helps prevent your hair from frying with repeated use of heated styling and can also help to preserve your color. If this still isn’t working I’d like to direct you to my next point…
  • Minimal heat styling.
    • No matter how many steps you take, repeated use of heat over an extended period of time will severely damage your hair. The best thing to do is keep it to a minimum.  Some excellent ways I use to limit my exposure are pin-curling, air-drying, and just going natural every now and again
  • Leave-in/deep conditioner.
    • Leave in and deep conditioner, while they won’t ever “heal” your hair the way they claim, do wonders as far as adding moisture and making your hair unbelievably soft.  Leave-in conditioner is exactly what it sounds like, you leave it in your hair after your shower and it continues to work by softening, moisturizing, and slightly protecting your strands. Deep conditioner is left on for an extended period of time either before or after cleansing and then washed off for an intensive condition. The important thing to remember is to keep it away from your roots and to focus on the dry and damaged ends of your hair.  Applying it too high on the hair shaft can weigh down your hair, killing your volume, and can cause greasiness.
  • Regular trims.
    • This may sound counter-intuitive if your trying to grow your hair out or preserve your length. When your hair is damaged it can’t be healed, the ends split and dry out and the longer they’re left alone to more likely it is for the damage to extend upward and lead to breakage. The best way to prevent breakage is to cut your hair regularly and keep the ends as healthy as possible.

Obviously we aren’t all perfect, and these are a lot of things to do in the name of hair, not to mention the time commitment. Pick and choose whichever tips fit into your lifestyle, and don’t beat yourself up over occasional split ends. After all, it’s just hair. It will grow back

Stay rad.-Punk


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