Get you a man that can do both

What’s up my fellow memelords, today’s Work it Wednesday is all about personal style, so let’s jump in.

As someone who typically wears head to toe black and has a rotation of rainbow hues on my head, it often shocks people that not only do I clean up nice, I actually enjoy dressing up and looking, dare I say it, a little posh.

The thing is, the girl on the left and the girl on the right are the same person. I’m just as comfortable and confident whether I look like I work at Hot Topic or belong to the country club.

In outfit 1, on the left, I’m wearing a Paramore concert tee from Hot Topic, black skinny jeans from Cato, black Converse, and a denim and leather jacket. These are staples in my wardrobe that I rotate extremely frequently. One of the benefits of wearing so much black all the time is that everything matches.

Outfit 2, on the right, I’m wearing some peach Franco Sarto wedges I got at DSW, skinny jeans from Cato, a grey cami from Forever21, light pink tee from H&M, and a white tuxedo style jacket from White House Black Market. As Posh knows so well, I love peach, and I wear these shoes at every available opportunity. The rest of this outfit is so easy to pair, I even wore this jacket to my Junior Prom..

Being able to switch up my style is so freeing, and I hope you guys feel comfortable experimenting with your own looks, by stepping outside your box sometimes you expand it.

Stay gold.-Punk


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