Pinterest Hairstyles?

Hi there sweet pea! Posh here to test out a Pinterest hairstyle on Prep’s head to see just how easy it is!So Prep and I LOVE Pinterest, we couldn’t be anymore stereotypical white girl honestly. We get a lot of our makeup and hair inspiration from there (Pin-spiration if you will), and since I’ve chopped off my locks I’ve been going through hair styling with-drawl. Of course I try my hardest to find different styles I can do with the hair I have left but playing with long hair has always been something I enjoyed. On that note lest get into this Pin-spired hairstyle!

pinterest inspiration.jpg
This is the picture we drew inspiration from! Find it here!

I had Prep tie up her curly mane in a high pony, because that’s really hard to do on someone else’s head. Then I started adding braids into her hair like the tutorial states.

I decided to be a little different from the tutorial though because I didn’t want to take on the task that is straightening Prep’s hair, so I curled it!

And that’s it. I think this hairstyle looks better with straight hair because it keeps it sleek and tame. I don’t think Prep was too fond of this style because she transformed it into a bun right away. Nevertheless this was a fun little experiment to test one of the many Pinterest hair styles!

How do you like this look? Any Pinterest hairstyles you want us to try out next? Leave it as a comment below!

–Keep it Posh









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