Try Ipsy Tuesday

Hey party peeps, Punk here is gonna hook you up with some Try it Tuesday fun so strap in kids.

This past week I received my May ipsy bag and I thought to myself, “Have I every used the whole bag in the same day?” The answer was an unsure maybe but I figured I’d try again anyway as I was intrigued by pretty much everything in my bag this month.

img_0393First I tried out this cleanser. It didn’t really wow me to be honest. The thick consistency put me off a little and it didn’t feel any different than any other cleanser. I did like that there is no noticeable scent and my skin did feel cleaner afterward.

Second I used this mask, which I have used before. I love the Glamglow Supermud and I was so pumped to get it in my bag. It smells good, feels good, and is great as a mask or spot treatment. The consistency and color are weird, but if you can get past that I highly recommend it.

Next I did my eyes with this Pacifica trio. These warm neutrals are pretty universally flattering, I can’t imagine many people being disappointed with this. I used the orangey brown shade as my transition, the darkest shade in the crease and along my lower lashline, and the lightest shade on the lid and in the inner corner and foiled it for extra dimension in the center of the lid. These are the perfect pigmentation for beginners in that they can be built up and are pretty foolproof.

img_0396I used this brush to pack on my lid color, foil it, and to line my lower lashline. 10/10 brush. Dense and perfect for packing or smudging.

img_0401I was so excited to try this bronzer, but not for it’s intended purpose as this is waaaaay to dark and warm for my skintone. I figured this would be a great one-stop bronzing/illuminating blush for the summer, and with a lighter hand it might have been. This was super pigmented and I had to tone it down with powder foundation over top. Hope it works better next time as it gives a really pretty flushed glow to the skin.

And here’s the look:

Hope y’all had fun hanging out, and I will see you on Friday.

Stay rad.-Punk



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