Bangability 101

Hey there gorgeous! As I have recently cut my bangs again I wanted to give you the run down on how I style it.

IMG_8748Before I cut my bangs the first time, I was so nervous that it was going to end so poorly. Like little kindergartner Prep poorly with this weird calic and an uneven fringe (sorry mom, but look <– little me!!!) . This was cute when I was 6 not 16. Having naturally curly hair always presented a challenge in hair-styling so I expected the worst. But besides actually having to do some part of my hair in the mornings now,  they’re great! I’ve found several different ways to style them without being (that) repetitive or hard so here are my favorite 4!


  1. “I’m So Pintrest”- Don’t I look like every chick in a pin about a top knot? This look consists of me blow drying my hair with a round brush to create a “curved” kinda look. By separating the hair into layers, you can create more volume and “umph”. Sweep it to the side when still warm to finish it off. IMG_8677
  2. “Following Everyone Back Until I Find My Tumblr Girlfriend “- Look I’m a quirky blonde who blogs all the time! Who wouldn’t want that? I’ll typically flat iron my hair towards one side, making sure to style in downwards as well as over. Once it’s cooled off, I pull some strands straight down for more of a “piece-y” look.IMG_8736
  3. “Am I A Scene Kid Now?”- Unfortunately MySpace left me hanging when I went to take pictures and this didn’t turn out as awesome as I would have hoped; you can still get an idea though. For this look, rather than styling this downwards when flat ironing, I’ll style this upwards creating a “rainbow” bang style as Posh likes to say.  Make sure to fan out the end pieces along the side. (If you want to see this done right, check out our Pinterest Hairstyle post.)IMG_8617
  4. “I Woke Up Like This “- Cause I really did. This is for those days when I want to revert back to the good ‘o days and not do anything at all. So I did just that. And people can deal with it.

Are you impressed with my titles? No? Figures. None the less, I hope this is helpful to those struggling to find new things to do or those who are thinking about making the cut. Tell me below if you like any of these styles or if you would be interested in a bang hair-care post!

Love ya bunches!- Prep


2 Comments Add yours

  1. zenaidasavia says:

    Love your bangs…seriously it’s so hard to make bangs work and your just naturally falls into place!! Beautiful 😃

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The Prep The Punk The Posh says:

      Thanks so much!! I fight with them all the time trying to get them to cooperate so I appreciate it!

      Liked by 1 person

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