Anti-frugal Friday: Lavish Lip Balm

How’s it hangin’ kids, Punk is here with the inaugural post of a new Anti-frugal Friday, which will be posted on a monthly basis, by me, about things that I think are worth the splurge.

This week I bring to you my holy grail lip balm, the Fresh Lip Treatments. These range from $24-26 at Sephora and I will swear by these ’til the day I die. I have chronically dry lips and these help me out so much where no other chapstick has.

I’ve got three different tubes of it that I use for different things. ┬áThe original formula on the far right (pretty beaten up) I generally toss in my bag and take with me on the daily as it has SPF 15 and no tint, I don’t tend to wear lip colors out and about due to my constantly parched pout. The white tube in the center is the Advanced Therapy formula that I apply every night before bed. It’s ultra hydrating and doesn’t have any SPF making it the perfect nighttime ritual. Lastly, the cherry. This one is just as hydrating and wonderful as the other two with the most pigmentation I’ve ever seen in a balm. Like, ever. Here’s a swatch for posterity.

img_0420On my lips this is more pigmented than some of my lipsticks. I am absolutely going to invest in more colors and I can’t recommend these enough.

Overall, I think these are absolutely worth the money. They work, they tint, they protect you from the sun. There’s nothing that comes close in the drugstore, and with no viable dupes, these are second to none.

What are some products you can’t help but splurge on? And what else would you like to see on Anti-frugal Friday?

Stay classy.-Punk

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