Sponge Cleaning 101

Hey there lovebugs! Today we’re going to talk about how to clean your makeup sponge of choice!

Beauty sponges are all the rag now days but the problem is cleaning them. They soak up tons of product and tend to clean completely out. A trick I have noticed for really cleaning these suckers is to use specialized beauty sponge cleaner. The kind I enjoy, Liquid BlenderCleanser, runs for $18 on Sephora’s website. Although this is really pricey for soap, I honestly think it’s worth the pretty pennies if you are smart and ration it well.

IMG_8582 So in order to get started you’ll need 3 things.

  • You’re beauty sponge
  • A water source
  • Your soap

And then you’re ready to start!


  1. First you’ll soap-up your sponge. Start squeezing it to get the soap in there. If you are trying to ration, I’d suggest spreading the soap around with your fingers so it’ll cover more of the sponge.IMG_8585
  2. Next you’ll “wash” the sponge in your water source. Be sure to continue squeezing and scrubbing till the water you rinse with doesn’t have any discoloration or product in it. Go ham if need be and remember to always go back to the soap if need be.IMG_8590
  3. After rinsing it with clean water, you’ll let it air dry and then you’re done!

Ta-da! Now you’ve got a clean sponge to get dirty all over again! Keep in mind that beauty sponges are meant to be thrown out and repurchased every 3 months. If you really can splurge that much, then I would maybe suggest making sure to sanitize it regularly and only use it for a few more months than whats recommended. They can cause lots of acne and breakouts and no one wants that. Hope that was helpful and tell me down below what beauty sponge is your favorite!

Love ya bunches! –Prep



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