Simple and Easy

Hey there doll-face! Today’s Work It Wednesday post is what might be the easiest outfit ever. Possibly.

One of the best things about bight colored scarves is they require no effort to make an otherwise minimalist outfit into something more. For spring, this teal, chevron patterned one is my favorite. It’s light enough to add to an outfit without giving me heat stroke in the warmer months. It also gives people the impression that I have my life together and not struggling through adulthood I have no earthy idea where I got this from (as there is no tag in sight) but I would guess maybe Charming Charlies as a lot of my scarves are from there. I scoured the website for a while in search of a duplicate of sorts but to no avail; sorry kidos.

My actual clothes are comprised of a white v-neck and my favorite ASOS jeans. With some bright pink lipstick from Colourpop and my clunky shoes, it may take me a whole 15 mins to get ready. Which is awesome. Because college.

And that’s literally it. Short, simple, and sweet like me (jokes, Lord knows I’m too complicated for my own good). Hope this gives you some outfit inspo and tell me down below what you’d like to see for our next Work It Wednesday!

Love ya bunches!-Prep


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