Hair Dying 101: 10 Things to do Before You Dye

Hey party peeps, this is the first post out of three giving y’all the run down on DIY hair dying, so let’s get to it.

Originally I had planned on one post telling you everything you need to know, but y’all there is a lot. This one is exclusively dealing with what you need to know and do before you dye your hair.

  • Know What You are Getting Into
    • Colored hair is not only expensive, but requires a lot of time to maintain properly. If you aren’t able to afford the monetary commitment or don’t have time to worry about it, maybe this isn’t for you.
  • Have a Wingman
    • If you are dying your hair at home, do not do it alone the first time. Having another person is not only going to increase the chances of it turning out better with another set of eyes and hands, but it’s a lot more fun/less stressful with a friend to help out.
  • Take Every Precaution
    • Have more developer than you need, keep extra dye, have extra bowls and brushes, have more bleach just in case. Hair is sometimes uncooperative and won’t take to the bleach or dye, be prepared in case you need to start over or redo something.
  • Invest in Quality
    • Do your research and know what brands won’t destroy your hair, as with all things, some dyes and bleaches are just better than others. Ask your local beauty supply store what it recommends, and know that quality is not the same as expensive.
  • Be Ready for Random Compliments
    • From the first time I dyed my hair blue and black, random people have not stopped giving me random compliments on the street. Not a bad thing, just know that strangers love cool hair.
  • Be Ready for Unsolicited Opinions
    • In that same vein, be ready for random friends and family to tell you what they think you should do with your own hair. Listen to them or don’t, they’re your family and friends, but at the end of the day your hair is your decision.
  • Don’t Cry When it Washes Out
    • Unnatural colors have an extremely short stay time, they will always fade. Some steps can be taken to slow it down like washing your hair in cold water, mixing the dye in with your conditioner, or avoiding heat styling.
  • Keep Extra Color On Hand
    • Touch ups are the best way to beat the fade and keep your color kicking. Make sure you’ve got the time in your schedule for regular hair maintenance.
  • Say Goodbye to Clean Towels
    • Your hair will ruin your towels after every shower until almost all the color is gone. Get black or other very dark colors to avoid this. Or embrace it. You do you.
  • Love Your Bomb New Hair
    • Your hair is cool, you are cool. Own it, work it, take some selfies.

I hope y’all had fun hangin out with me on this lovely Tresses Thursday. Happy dyeing!

Stay rad.-Punk


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