Scrubbin’ Your Troubles Away

Hi there sweet pea. It’s Posh here bringing you another post on a Walmart find that has become an essential part of my nighttime routine. If you remember, long ago I did a review on the Always Off makeup removing towels that I got from Walmart for $3 that I ended up really liking, I tried them on a whim and it worked out in my favor. I came across this product a very similar way, I was walking the isles with some floor-mates and spotted these, now I didn’t end up picking one up that day but Prep and one of our other friends did. After a week or two I asked them their opinions on them and they seemed to really like the scrubbers, so I decided I needed to pick them up for myself.

I’m talking about the S&T Lil’scrubbies, they’re silicone face scrubber that are supposed to 1) Invigorate skin and cleanse pores with tiny bristles, 2) Massage and deliver radiant results, 3) Helps exfoliate and soften skin, and they have a 4) Silicone suction cup on back makes for easy handling. It sounded too good to be true honestly. How could this little silicone face scrubber, that’s only two dollars and some change mind you, make that much of a difference? 

I’ll tell you what though. That little scrubbie has changed my face wash game. Since I started using it I feel like my face is cleaner, regardless of what cleanser I’m using. I also feel the exfoliation, it’s very subtle but it’s definitely there. I’m not sure how “radiant” my skin has become but I do know that I haven’t gotten as many breakouts since I’ve started scrubbing my face with these. They’re very easy to use, I apply some face wash in my hand then swirl the face scrubber in said face wash, and then wash my face. Easy as that!

I will say that the worst thing about these “Lil’scrubbies” is that they’re really difficult to hold on to. Sure the nub on the back helps but once you add face wash they become super slippery. I just find that I rinse mine off more in the shower because I’ve dropped it, nothing too Earth shattering.

Well that’s all really. I hope you give these little guys a try, and for a couple of bucks what’s the harm?

–Keep it Posh



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  1. miaslines says:

    I have a similar product! I don’t use it too often because I don’t have time but it’s Definitely a great find!

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    1. The Prep The Punk The Posh says:

      I find that since I’m already washing my face incorporating them into my routine isn’t too hard!

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  2. helloblissfullife says:

    I love these! this is what I use to scrub my face :)

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    1. The Prep The Punk The Posh says:

      They’re so under-hyped!

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      1. helloblissfullife says:


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