A Subtle Pop of Color

Hi there sweet pea! Today I’m going to talk about a fun pop of color you can add to your everyday eye makeup. Don’t worry though you can keep this as subtle or as daring as you want!The palette I’m going to us for this tutorial is NYX’s “Avant Pop!” palette in Nouveau Chic, I already have a post where I rave about this palette so I’ll try to not do that in this one. Nonetheless this palette is great for looks like this because it has both super neutral colors for the lid but it also has different options for your pop of color. Like always, feel free to use any shadows or colors you prefer I’m simply offering these shades as a suggestion.

The lid eye look is going to be super easy guys, I started by applying the banana shade (1) all over my lid and up to my brow bone. Next I applied the peachy shade (2) into and above my crease to warm up the look and to add a color I can blend with later.

step one closed

Now I’m going to deepen up this look a little, I’m took the warm brown shade (3) and placed that in my outer v and blended it up into the crease. Since we have that peach shade there it’s easier to not make this color look so stark on the eye. I also wanted to bring some light to this look so I placed the shimmery peach shade (4) on the inner half of my lid. Make sure you take the blending brush from earlier to blend the brown and the shimmery peach together.

step two closed

To finish off the lid I added some of the dark cool tone brown color (5) to my lash line with an angled brush for a little bit of definition, I haven’t been into dramatic liner lately so this is just enough to give my lashes a little something. Then to brighten the inner corner I applied the shimmery pink shade (6) and lightly blended that toward the rest of the lid.

step two and a half

Now the fun part, the lower lash line color! I’m going to offer suggestions based on your eye color and the concept of the color wheel but again they’re just suggestions you can put ANY color you want.

If you have ….. eyes; ….. will bring them out the most

  • Brown; purples, greens, and blues
  • Green; browns and purples,
  • Blue; browns and grays
  • Hazel; browns, purples, and greens

For my Hazel eyes I chose to go with a purple shade because purple tends to bring out the green in my eyes and it’s my favorite color. I applied it with a small liner brush and kept it close to my lashline because I think that helps to make this “pop” of color more wearable.

And that’s all there is to it! You can add some mascara and be good to go if you like the color to be a bit more subtle, but if you want a little more pop you can add a matching liner (the one I used was NYX’s “Pretty Violet“) to the water line to really bring out the color. I also usually like to wear a purple lip with my purple-ish eyes (this one is Milani’s “Uptown Mauve“) just for something a little extra. I hope you enjoyed this Makeup Monday!

–Keep it Posh








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