Le Best Matte?

Hey sweet cheeks! Today we’re gonna review the Le Matte Lipcolor Sticks and I’m really excited about it!

I think it’s a safe bet to assume that everyone’s a fan of easy-to-apply products. People also tend to enjoy more affordable prices for their makeup. If you happen to be somewhere in the middle of this Venn Diagram, then you’re going to love these lip pencils. Loreal’s Le Matte Lipcolor Sticks come in 5 colors ranging from your basic “nude” to a darker berry, weighing in at about $10 each.

Granted I only have 2 right now, but these are freakin’ awesome. The pigmentation is phenomenal and the nude is probably my new favorite everyday color. The best part about this product is the creamy consistency of it. It’s right in the sweet spot between “oh dear god my lips are cracking from how drying this is” and “where’s my lipstick? oh it was rubbed off before I even left the house”. My lips stay hydrated and alive but I don’t wipe the product off my face every time I sneeze too hard.

Overall this is an great product. My only complaint would be with the rounded tip of the applicator. I’m like a toddler with a marker when trying to apply lipstick (as you can probably see in the lip swatches) so the sharper the point, the easier it is for myself. That being said, I’m really excited to hopefully go out and grab the rest of the set because they’re amazing. Hope this is helpful and tell me below your favorite matte lip product!

Love ya bunches!- Prep


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