Keep Hair Out Of Your Face

Hey beauties:) In desperate need of easy ways to tame the mane? Read on!

Hair can be a lot to handle when trying to style it. Especially when you make the grave mistake of leaving it completely down on days when you’re not prepared. For myself, curly hair is particularly awful in this aspect. Forget about eating anything remotely sticky or messy. Wind is an evil scoundrel. Humidity is your own personal hell.  And if you forgot to bring a hair tie with you that day, you’re done for. I know for myself, I’m always blinded by or devouring my hair when I leave it all down on bad hair days. So how do you style it without producing the same look everyday? Well I personally don’t have 2 hours every morning to perfect the complicated Pintrest braids you see everywhere. So, instead, here’s 4 stupid easy ways to pin back those pesky strands.

  1. Party Pony– (Props to the bestie, sreddar, for the name) This is a basic “half-up-half-down” do. Part your hair in half horizontally and the tie up the upper portion. If I’m looking for more volume that day, I’ll tease the tied up portion at the base of the hair tie. It’s an easy and quirky way to embrace the crazy hair you’ve been given.IMG_8821
  2. Mini Bun– Step 1: Party Pony it up. Step 2: Messy bun it up. Simple and easy right? The “complicated” part of this hair style for myself is finding the perfect ratio of hair on top to hair on bottom. Sometimes my bun will look abnormally large and the hair left on the bottom will be flat without any volume; or vice versa might happen. Either way, trial and error will fix this. IMG_8825
  3. Messy Bun– I know, I know this is exactly what you’re thinking of when you think of easy, repetitive hair styles but don’t knock it. It’s gets everything away from your neck and face without taking more than 5 minuets to complete it. If you have straighter hair, I highly recommend this tutorial on how to “perfect” it. If you have more curly hair then honestly you really cant go wrong; just knot it up and then pull out some pieces. Ridiculously simple. IMG_8840
  4. Pony with Braids– “Woah Prep getting fancy with it?” Yes I know, bask in the skills I have to  french braid one part of my hair and then tie it all back! Jokes aside, this is a bit more than a standard pony tail but takes 2 seconds more. Braid whatever parts you fancy and then high pony it up. Ta-da!IMG_8850

And there you go, the easiest hair styles ever to prevent even the strongest homicidal urges on bad hair days. Hope you enjoyed this and tell me below your easy fixes for uncontrollable hair!

Love ya bunches!- Prep

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  1. Love all the styles! And you have such gorgeous hair! 😍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The Prep The Punk The Posh says:

      You’re so kind, thank you so much!

      Liked by 1 person

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