NYX soft matte lip creams

Hi there sweet pea! Today I’m going to introduce you to what I like to consider the “gateway drug” to liquid lipstick!The NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams (SMLC) are definitely a good place to start if you’re interested in trying out liquid lipstick but you’re worried about them being too drying or difficult to apply. The  SMLC’s are more of a mousse consistency making them super easy to apply because they don’t slip and slide around, I find that this helps when you’re first applying liquid lipstick because the more liquidus the formula the harder it is to outline your lips. I find that these lip creams are less drying than other formula’s I’ve tried but they do take 5-10 minutes to dry.

One thing I especially love about these is that there are TONS of colors to choose from, ranging from easy nude colors to super dark reds and everything in between. This means that you’re basically guaranteed to find a color you like, heck you’ll probably end up finding several, but at least they’re only $5.99 at Ulta so you wont feel as bad about picking up a few more than you planned.  And if you are shopping at Ulta NYX usually has a “Buy one, Get one half off” sale going on so take advantage of those! I want to mention that these SMLCs have a pretty strong sweet scent to them so if you don’t like scented lip products I’d stay far away!

(From left to right: Paris, Copenhagen, Ibiza, Monte Carlo, Abu Dhabi, San Paulo)

These lip creams initially go on a little sheer but you can easily build up the color, the darker and more vibrant shades can go a little patchy though. I recommend wearing  lip liner all over your lips with shades like Copenhagen and Monte Carlo because it will help cut down the aforementioned patchy-ness. Also these aren’t entirely transfer proof, if you blot your lips with a napkin that will take away most of the excess but you will still have transfer.

As for packaging they’re in a super sleek recyclable lipgloss type tube, with a soft matte black lid. They have a doe foot applicator which makes it easy to apply on the corners of your mouth and to line your lips. You do only get .27 fl oz of product, while this is a pretty small amount when compared to Colour Pop’s Ultra Matte liquid lipsticks (which we’ve done a review on) I think you use less product when you’re actually applying it because of the mousse-y consistency.

They’re in the same order as the lip swatches. 
And that’s it! I highly recommend these Soft Matte Lip Creams if you’re interested in the liquid lipstick hype or if you don’t like super drying liquid lipsticks these might just work for you! If you’ve tried these out what are some of your favorites?

–Keep it Posh







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  1. I love the NYX soft matte creams. I have them in Abu Dhabi and Cannes. Can’t wait to get some more. Great review.



  2. Love these! Some of the best Lip products I’ve ever tried! 😊😊
    Great post and the colours look so gorgeous on you! 😍



  3. Gorgeuos! I love NYX eyeshadows and bronzers but next thing to try are these lipsticks. I have NYX giveaway in my blog (take part between now and 15th June!) at the moment and soooo many people have told I should try these that I guess it’s a must. :)

    – Nora / http://dreamerachiever.com


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