Sunday Fun Day: The Beauty Blogger Tag

We were tagged by the lovely Alise Bane to complete the Beauty Blogger Tag, and charged to come up with our own questions that were half beauty related and half not. All three of us have to answer every question. Get ready this post is a long one!

How old were you when you started wearing makeup?

Prep: I technically starting wearing makeup when I was 2 or 3 and I started dancing, but obviously that wasn’t a regular thing. I started to wear the basic pencil eye liner (courtesy of my mom) in 6th grade and, after a pretty dry spell in middle school, I started back up again at the end of 8th grade.

Punk: My mom pretty much forbade me from wearing makeup until I hit middle school, and then I could only wear what she bought me, which usually had zero pigmentation so you couldn’t even tell that I had anything on, and I was explicitly forbidden from wearing mascara. Something about mascara being too sexy for a 13 year old. Then in seventh grade I had a hardcore emo phase which was non-stop raccoon eyes with no face makeup and punky pink shadow. It was not a good look.

Posh: I started wearing some “basics” (mainly pencil liner, powder, and mascara) in the 7th grade but that didn’t last long, because I stopped wearing makeup sometime during the 8th grade and didn’t pick it up again until half way through my junior year (11th) grade.

Where do you get your makeup inspiration?

Prep: 50’s style pin-up girls all the way! I absolutely love the classic and clean winged liner with a bold lip. Nothing can beat it and it’s ridiculously easy. Also Instagram style brows; those are the best.

Punk: A lot of my inspiration used to be Gossip Girl era Taylor Momsen and early 2000s Avril, but I fell in love with Audrey Hepburn’s makeup when I saw Breakfast at Tiffany’s for the first time. Bold brows, classic wing, fluttery lashes, and the perfect orangey-peach nude. I’m still searching for that exact lip color. I’m very inspired by pin-up and vintage styles from the 20s-60s, I try to take a modern approach by playing around with color more and breaking the old rules.

Posh: Youtubers, I used to (and let’s be honest I still do) watch a ton of makeup tutorials. If I’m not in the mood to sit and listen to someone I’ll scroll through Pinterest but normally I just kind of hope for the best.

Interests outside of beauty?

Prep: Reading has always been my guilty pleasure. If I start up a book at like 8 in the morning you will still have to drag my butt out for dinner. I love the power words have to transport people into different worlds with different people and experiences. Doesn’t matter what it is, cheesy romance novels to comics to encyclopedias, I’ll still love every second.

Punk: Better question is what am I not interested in (funny because I wrote this question…), but I love architecture and art, and I read like I need it to survive. Oh, and I used to want to be a professional snowboarder for, like, a week when I was 17. I really want to learn how to restore old houses and hone my skills as an artist in every sense; on canvas, on the page, in life.

Posh: I think my biggest passion outside of beauty is music, I was the ultimate choir kid throughout school and I always have some kind of tunes playing in my room. I’m in the same boat as Punk too because I love to DIY and create (a hobby I get from my mom).

Who is your celebrity style icon?

Prep: I really don’t have one? I mostly just scroll through Pinterest for any style ideas. If I had to pick someone though I would probably choose either Vanessa Hudgens or Lupita Nyong’o. Vanessa for those hipster days or Lupita for those classy days.

Punk: Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Dita Von Teese, Kat Von D, anyone with that classic aesthetic that is/was a beauty/fashion trailblazer.

Posh: Lauren Conrad for sure! She’s so elegant and put together!

How many and what kind of pets do you have?

Prep: 4 cats and 2 dogs. The cats are named Patches, Bella, Tipper, and Pewter. The dogs are brother Shih Tzus and they’re named Snickers and Teeboo (Star Wars anyone?). Give me about 10 years and I’ll have at least 12 cats. #catladies4lyfe

Punk: I’ve got two dogs at my mom’s house, a Chihuahua named Queso and a Chihuahua/Cairn Terrier Mix named Max, who my paternal grandmother found wandering her neighborhood and couldn’t take in due to her house already being full of animals she rescued outside her house (2 dogs, 4 cats.) At my dad’s I’ve got a Brittany Spaniel named Princess Jada Consuela Banana Hammock and a craigslist dog we’re pretty sure is a White Lab/Pitbull mix named Jonesy. And a cat named Willa. That my grandma rescued and couldn’t take in. Because these things just happen to her I guess.

Posh: I’m the meager animal owner among us with just 3 rabbits named: Bernard, Ruby, and Wanderer.

What is your favorite social media site?

Prep: I really can’t decide on this one. I absolutely love Tumblr for the “fandom” side of social media. Like Punk said, it’s platform allows for it to be anonymous and personal at once which is perfect for all those fan girl moments. I really like Pinterest though for those days when I just want to look at 1,500 tattoo ideas.

Punk: Tumblr, hands down. I hate facebook, I don’t like twitter, Instagram used to be good until they changed the chronological feed. Tumblr is anonymous and personal at the same time. And I don’t have to think about creating content as much when I can just reblog what I like, I don’t really care about followers, it’s like a public journal and a collection of things I enjoy all in one.

Posh: Is Pinterest considered a social media site? It’s the only site I can spend hours scrolling and looking at new things from makeup tips to hairstyles all the way to piercings and tattoos.

How do each of you identify with your pen name?

Prep: I’ve always had a more “preppy” look to myself. Being raised in the rich, white parts of the south, I’ve always grown up around people who dress like frat boys and sorority girls. That’s all my friends would wear so that’s what I wore and i didn’t think anything of it. Moving to the mid-west for college was a bit of a culture shock in the fact that my style was considered “preppy” rather than normal. People kinda just assumed that I was your average sorority girl and it kinda took me off guard, but I guess they’re not wrong. So, ergo, when we were deciding pen names for this blog it just kinda worked out.

Punk: To me, being punk is defying expectation. I always strive to be myself, and to never fall into a stereotype. People sometimes find me intimidating, or shallow, or vapid, but I strive to be as complex and interesting as I know we all are. No one is just one thing, and I hope that when people get to know me it challenges their perception of what “punks”, makeup artists, nerds, and generally people are like.

Posh: If I’m being honest we googled “P words” to try to find another four letter word that worked with “Punk” and “Prep”. I initially was hesitant because to me being “posh” meant that you were stuck up and self-centered but at the same time the name works with my personality though because I’m super boujee (Is this even how it’s spelled) and extra, but I like to think that I can be a bit classy too.

Holy grail beauty product?

Prep: My Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz is my all time favorite thing. If I could only do one part of my face each morning, I would always choose my brows and this product is the best at making them look flawless. It’s better than sliced bread, I swear.

Punk: The Gwen Stefani Palette. All the colors I need for a beautiful pin up look, and the transition shades are the absolute best match for my skin. The quality is phenomenal and the pink and blue shades are beautiful together.

Posh: Before going cruelty-free I would’ve said the Maybelline Color Sensational lipsticks (especially the matte formula in “Touch of Spice”), but now I’m still searching for my holy grail product.

Favorite musical artist or song?

Prep: Picking just one is so hard, but if I had to it would be Jon Bellion. Every single one of his songs are golden and every time I listen to him it reminds me of the summer after my senior year of high school.

Punk: I’m a secret Country fan, my favorite group is the Pistol Annies, and my favorite song is I Feel A Sin Coming On.

Posh: I’m going to go total fan girl here and say 5 Seconds of Summer, they’re super talented and I always find myself listening to their music. Also they’re super cute AND tall, I’m in heaven!

Quirky fact about yourself? 

Prep: I’m legally a blind midget which makes for really interesting ice breakers, no gonna lie. But hey, at least there is no awkward silence!

Punk: I’ve got a heart-shaped birthmark by my belly button. It’s pretty cute.

Posh: I can say the alphabet backwards, like Prep said it’s a great ice breaker!


And that’s all folks! We hope you enjoyed this post and learning a little more about us!

Prep, Punk, and Posh


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