A Summertime Romp

Hi there sweet pea! This Work It Wednesday is going to showcase another favorite summertime wardrobe essential!

Recently I’ve been living for rompers. They’re easy to throw on and you don’t have to fuss about finding matching articles of clothing. I wouldn’t say they’re any better or worse than a dress because when though you don’t have to worry about your romper flying up they do make going to the bathroom a bit of a challenge.


The romper I chose to show this week is from the LC by Lauren Conrad collection from Kohls, I have the shade “Dusty Olive”. It has buttons running up the front and a zipper on the “shorts” portion.¬†While I adore this romper I will admit that the buttons can be frustrating to do and undo when going to use the bathroom, but it’s a price I’m willing to pay for fashion. As a bonus this romper has a fun collar and pockets! (honestly why doesn’t ever article of clothing have pockets?)¬†One reason I wanted to talk about this romper in particular is because of the cool cut-out in the back!


It’s a small detail but it is nice to get a little breeze on these hot and humid summer days!

The shoes I’m wearing are from Ross (you might recognize them from last weeks outfit), I actually left these at home when I went off to school, so naturally when I can back I felt guilty about leaving them behind so I’ve been wearing them pretty much non stop non-stop. I do however think that combat style boots look good with this romper because of it’s military-green color.

And that’s it! I try to keep my outfits pretty minimal in the summer because it’s so toasty outside but I hope you enjoyed this post nonetheless! What’s your favorite place to buy rompers?

–Keep it Posh








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