NuMe just a ploy?

Hey peeps of the internet! Today we’re gonna talk about the Curl Jam from NuMe!

If you’ve been watching beauty videos on YouTube as long as I have, you’ll probably recognize this brand. They’re extremely popular for youtuber sponsorship and often have a bunch of coupon codes out at any given time. I decided that, because I have smashed my old straightener and I was in need of a new curling wand, I would grab the Curl Jam off of their website. The Curl Jam feature 1 straightener and a curling wand with 3 different sized barrels (19 mm, 25 mm, and 32 mm).  I picked mine up for $99 with the coupon code from Mykie at Glam and Gore.

I was actually pleasantly surprised by the quality of these. Granted I am not a curling wand expert, but for just at $100 you would think that the quality of these would be pretty bad. The straightener worked really well and convinced me that I should’ve replaced my old one much sooner. I tried out all 3 wand sizes and I really enjoyed the final product. The 19 mm one produces really tight ringlets that you could brush out for a cute, messy, curly look. The 25 mm gives beauty queen style curls with a medium sized curl. The 32 mm one gives big, bouncy, loose curls that give of a beach babe vibe. Personally, the 32 mm is probably my favorite.

(enjoy some selfies featuring the 32 mm curls)

Overall, I was extremely impressed at how “not-gimmicky” this product was. Youtubers quite often lie about products that are sponsored in some way so I was pretty convinced these were going to be trash. I was fully expecting the worse and I actually am loving the styling tools. So if you’re nervous to purchase from NuMe out of fear of being lied to, don’t fret they’re actually worth it.

Love ya bunches! – Prep


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