Anti-Frugal Friday: The Beauty Killer Palette

***Disclaimer: We are no longer supporting this brand or its creator, this post was made without knowledge of the inexcusable conduct that has come to light, here‘s a video if you’d like to learn more***

So I think my thoughts might probably fairly clear already, but I’ll try to break it down on why I think this $45 piece of art is worth it.

First, Packaging.

I mean? The pink is super cute and the black and gold accents are gorgeous, but the palette itself is also very sturdy, the top can be bent all the way back to have full access to the shadows and save space on your vanity, or you could use the fairly decent-sized mirror, which I did for the detail work in my look. Also, comparison pictures cannot accurately illustrate how gigantic the pan-size is. Think blush pans for your eyes.

Next, the shadows.

The quality is unreal. Ridiculously creamy and pigmented, and they blend like a dream. My stand out shade was, shockingly, Confession. Row 2 column 2, the bronze shade. Who even am I anymore? This was my lid color for my look and it’s so beautiful. Each shade has such wonderful depth that even a wash of color gives the eyes dimension. Gives me life.

Here’s the look I came up with when I played with the palette for the first time:

Forgive my sunburned, peeling hairline.

Overall, this palette is phenomenal. The shades can be intimidating, but people not as into color as I am can definitely create looks, the first column are really the only “crazy” colors. The rest are pretty practical for everyday, and the hot pink and teal can always be used as a small pop of color when going out if just slathering it everywhere isn’t your style.

Thanks for hanging out.

Stay rad.-Punk

Note: Six months later and I literally haven’t touched this palette since. Half of the shades give me an allergic reaction and most of them don’t apply near as well as they swatch. Looking back I see this as a case of being too into the hype to see the faults of this product.


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