Eye palettes on a budget

Hi there sweet pea! This Frugal Friday is all about the Milani Everyday Eyes palettes and why they’re perfect for someone that wants to wear shadow but doesn’t want to spend loads on good quality shadows.It should come to no surprise to you guys that I love drugstore makeup, especially when its quality surpasses the cost.  I believe that these palettes are the epitome of drugstore price meets exceptional quality. The Milani Everyday Eyes palettes are going to run you $10 for 6 shadows. While the packaging is simple and plastic, it feels sturdy and the gold is super pretty and reflective. Even though I didn’t keep the duel ended brush that came with these palettes they were soft and would be a great way to apply the shadows if you didn’t have many brushes.

I went for two of the more neutral palettes from this collection, because let’s be real, that’s mostly what I wear (I really want “Must Have Naturals” too honestly). On the back of the palette it describes what each color is “supposed” to be for, so if you’re starting off with makeup and aren’t quite sure where to put certain colors you should check these out, but you don’t have to follow the instructions if you don’t want to. I found that the shimmery shades are usually more pigmented than the matte shades, but the matte shades blend out really easily making them fantastic crease colors. The shimmery/ satin shades are also pretty blend able but they do lose their shine if blended too much.

Because of how the colors swatch in the palettes I would recommend “Bare Necessities” (left) over “Earthy Elements” (right) because the first base shade (the biggest color in the palette) is WAY more pigmented in the Bare Necessities palette. But both palettes are still gorgeous, blend-able, and long lasting! I would compare the shimmery/ satin shades in these palettes to the bottom row of the Lorac Pro Palettes, they’re just as buttery and beautiful with a bit less kick-up.

Here’s a look I threw together for you guys, I used a combination of the two palettes.

I would highly recommend these palettes if you’re trying to get more into shadow because they’re easy to use if you’re a beginner but they’re also pigmented. I also recommend these if you like good quality eyeshadow, I think that they are a great addition to anyone’s collection. Have you tried out these palettes? What do you think of them?

–Keep it Posh



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