Hey kids, if you’re in the states you know that the Fourth is coming up, and if you’re like me you go HAM with red, white and blue EVERYTHING. Gonna get patriotic up in this post.

My fam is notorious for going all out to celebrate the 4th of July every year, our fireworks shows at the lake back in the day gave professional ones a run for their money. I love to do crazy makeup and outfits to celebrate, which is where today’s post comes in.

While I’d love to cover myself in flags head to toe, the limitations of summer heat and humidity do not allow for it. This is a fairly lightweight  outfit that’s perfect for keeping cool. My shorts and flip flops are both from Target, both of which have been wardrobe staples this summer, as are my earrings which vaguely remindedimg_0222 me of fireworks. My tank is from Victoria’s Secret, the cami is from Kohl’s and can be substituted for a swimsuit if your holiday involves some water. I made my necklace with some chain and a pendant from Michael’s back in high school. Last but not least, my incredibly festive scarf. Bought at Forever21 and has become an annual tradition no matter where I’m celebrating Independence Day. This is a super easy outfit, and I especially love that it stands up to the ungodly temperatures we’ve been experiencing. Thanks so much for hanging out, happy Fourth to my folks here in the states, for anyone else, sorry for the gratuitous nationalism.

#WeWontheWar #I’llThrowYourTeaIntheHarbor-Punk



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