How to Slay All Day

Hey Guys and Dolls, today’s Skincare Saturday is a few tricks I’ve learned to make my makeup last throughout the day, especially when it doesn’t want to.

  1. Start on a clean canvas, on days when it’s especially important to have your makeup stay put consider light exfoliation to help with evening the texture, whether with an actual exfoliant or just a damp washcloth. Light exfoliation is the key. Too much can damage the skin and create more problems. Just enough to smoothen out the texture and remove dry skin.
  2. Moisturize. Dry skin can make application uneven and lead to cracking and such later on.
  3. Priiiiiiime. While less is more is true in terms of effectiveness, mixing primers can be beneficial. I like to use a base primer that has glycerin such as the Nivea Post Shave Balm that everyone’s always talking about and then a silicone smoothing primer in the T-zone such as Too Faced Primed & Poreless or Benefit Pore-fessional. Smoothes out pores and makes makeup last, keeping you flawless all day long.
  4. This is just a personal tip that has worked for my skin, but I use mostly light to medium coverage products as a base and then build up high coverage matte foundation over top of problem areas rather than just applying concealer over every spot. That way the areas I need coverage have the most staying power and my face still looks fairly natural overall.
  5. Powder. Whether you like to bake your under eyes or just lightly dust some powder foundation, this can help keep things from moving, creasing, getting greasy and if you use powder foundation, can provide additional coverage.
  6. Setting Spray is super helpful when it comes to melding everything together and keeping things from looking cakey, but it can also help refresh things throughout the day. Check our Spray Showdown for a list of drugstore recommendations.

Thanks for chillin, homies.

Stay slayin’.-Punk


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