I’m Peeling off my Eyebrows?

Hi there sweet pea! Sorry for the clickbait title but today I’m trying out “Tint my Brows” from Etude House and there is a bit of peeling involved. Let’s get into it!I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve seen a ton of beauty gurus on Youtube try this product, and being the consumer I am, I had to pick it up and try it out for myself. I ordered mine off Amazon  because it was only $8, sure shipping took forever, but in the end it was cheaper than purchasing it off of Etude House’s site. I wasn’t sure what color to pick up, but because I like darker cooler toned brows I ended up choosing “#3 Gray Brown”.

before tint
Here are my brows before tinting them

Applying the tint wasn’t the easiest thing, It’s super goopy and the applicator kind of goes everywhere. However you can take a damp q-tip and clean up around your brows with a  swipe, I would also recommend using an angled brush and the tint to create clean lines. The tint takes about 10 minutes to fully dry on your brows then you leave it on for at least 2 hours. Here’s what I looked like with the tint on and right after I peeled it off…

I was pleasantly surprised with the color, I realize it looks kind of crazy with no makeup on but this is the color my brows end up if I’m using my E.L.F eyebrow kit (in medium). Also when you peel off the tint it feels like you’re pulling off a face mask, and I only lost 1 or two brow hairs, as long as you peel from the front of the brow slowly you’ll be fine!

Another fact that I feel like I should mention is that you’re not supposed to wash your brow area for 24 hours, this is no easy task though. I peeled the tint around 1:30 pm and washed my face at 10pm that night and 9:30 am the next day. While I tried to avoid my brows it still caused them to fade quite a bit.

They faded to a nice color but they turned really warm! That’s definitely not what I wanted from a “gray brown” color! Adding makeup (to my face, not my eyebrows) did help them not look as warm though.

Since it had been 24 hours when I washed my face next I didn’t try to avoid my brows, also I had to wipe over them with my Always off Makeup Remover towel (review here) to remove any foundation or powder that had got in them.

day 3
Day 3

They’re still pretty warm but I could work with them. I found that they were fading pretty evenly and all I had to do to groom them was brush them out with a spoolie brush.

Day 4 was the last day I felt like I could get away with not adding any product to my brows, they weren’t as intense as I normally prefer.

I think that these would last a lot longer if you took care to wash around your eyebrows or if you don’t mind a natural brow look you could probably go a day or two more without filling them in.

This product was really fun to review, I particularly enjoyed sending ridiculous looking snapchats while I had the tints on! Have you tried this product out? What did you think of it?

–Keep it Posh



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  1. Aisha says:

    Haha! Title is on point. ;) Peel off makeup is really a huge deal now..wanna get my hands on peel off lipsticks.

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