Yee-haw y’all!

Hey party people! Today we’re going to indulge the inner Texan in myself and rock some overalls in today’s #workitwednesday .

I love the overalls trend that’s recently started. They’re practical, comfy, and cute. My only complaint is I feel like wearing them only encourages my child-like features. When shopping with Posh, Punk, and a few of our friends, we came across the most adorable pairs of overalls. They were to cute to pass up so I figured what the heck, screw looking like a 4 year old. Naturally, I couldn’t not used it for an #ootd.

First of all my overalls are from (what a shocker) Target. They’re so comfortable I really can’t express it with words. The flannel I paired this with is from some of my thrifting adventures. You can find a cute one that is close here but I highly recommend checking out your local second-hand, thift store. The crop top is a charcoal shirt from Forever 21, similar to this one.  I finished the outfit off with my high top converse and some cute heather grey socks.

And that’s it! I decided to forgo the cowboy boots, but I hope you enjoyed it anyways. Tell me below your feelings on the overall epidemic gracing the land and if you enjoy today’s post!

Love ya bunches! – Prep

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  1. bisousbella says:

    I love overalls too (as you will see on my blog haha!) as they’re just so easy to throw on in the morning before college :) ~Bella x

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