How I Style a Bandana Headband!

Hi there sweet pea! Today’s Tresses Thursday is all about how I like to style a bandana with my short hair. I figured I would keep with Prep’s “Texan” theme (yesterday’s post) and show y’all how I wear a bandana as a headband. Now these styles are really simple and pretty self-explanatory but nonetheless I wanted to make this post because adding a headband is my favorite way of spicing up my hair.

Honestly this is one of my mom’s bandanas that she gave to me, I’m sure she picked it up from Walmart though, besides you can find these anywhere! I folded it into a triangle then rolled it starting from the pointed side, I like to make mine about an inch thick. If it’s any wider it tends to slide off my head or stick out weird.

For the first look I kept my natural hair texture (which is super straight). This is obviously the easiest look for me because all I have to do is tie the headband! I choose to keep the ends out, if you don’t like this look you can always tuck the ends under the rest of the bandana.

The second look is similar to the first, except it’s curly. I am of the opinion that curls are a bit more “girly” and soft looking but because I curled my hair with a curling wand the ends where still pretty straight. I wasn’t a big fan of how the straight ends looked so I tucked them under the headband near the top of my ear. This look is also fast and easy because it takes me about 3 minutes to curl my hair.

This is definitely my favorite way to wear this bandana headband, and luckily it’s just as easy as the first two looks! I start with some kind of texture in my hair, in this case it was the curls from the previous look, and I pull it back into a bun. I clipped the bun down but you can throw a hair tie or bobby pins in there if your hair is too thick for a clip. This style gives me Rosie the Riveter/ Pin up vibes, and honestly I’m ALL about it!

What’s your favorite way to style your hair in the summer time?

–Keep it Posh

P.S. The lip combo that I wore in this post is NYX’s Matte Lipstick in “Alabama” and NYX’s Butter Gloss in “Cherry Pie”.



3 Comments Add yours

  1. Bhavika says:

    I really needed this! I struggle to style bandanas in my hair like this. I am also always worried it will fall off haha


  2. Infoélla says:

    So cute! I love the bandana! I love your lip color too! It’s a nice shade


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