Top 10 E.l.f. Brushes

Happy Frugal Friday kids! Today I’m gonna give you a run down on my favorites of the cheapest brushes you can find almost anywhere.

First off, I love e.l.f. brushes. I love that I can  buy a gajillion of the ones I really love without my bank account wailing in pain. Cheap brushes that work are my fave, and these can all be found in most Targets or online at This brand is also fantastic if you’re a beginner trying to grow your collection. So, let’s get to it.img_0306

Face brushes:

  • Kabuki Face Brush ($6)
    • This brush is extremely soft and fluffy, I like it for applying translucent loose powder, such as the Coty Airspun we reviewed here.
  • Blush Brush ($3)
    • Again, super soft, applies blush beautifully and blends nicely.
  • Flawless Concealer Brush ($3)
    • I like to use this for blending out my under eye concealer, setting my concealer, and blending out my contours on my nose and cheeks. I use this one so often I bought two.
  • Contouring Brush ($6)
    • This brush is hella dense and soft as all get out. I love this for contouring my nose on days I really need to look like a Bernini statue.


One Dollar Brushes:

  • Eye Crease Brush
    • I love this for blending out a cut crease or just really defining my crease, very dense and soft for really packing and blending a crease color.
  • Blending Eye Brush
    • Does what it says. Blends like a dream. Super soft, but not too dense, perfect for lightly dusting crease/transition color.
  • Defining Eye Brush
    • I don’t know why I don’t use this one more often, but this is by far my favorite angled blending brush. Very easy to control where you blend and I love this for work in the outer V.


Three Dollar Brushes:

  • Contour Brush
    • The name doesn’t make sense unless we’re talking about eye contour, which is exactly what I use it for. Wonderful blending brush, very dense, good at applying and blending color.
  • Eyeshadow “C” Brush
    • I have the $1 and two $3 versions of this brush, I actually like the cheaper one better for applying my base color, but the $3 one is great at packing lid color and highlighting the brow bone.
  • Professional Concealer Brush
    • I don’t use this for concealer at all, but I love it for highlighting my inner corner, really packs on the color.

And that’s all, folks. Thanks for hanging out and I’ll see you again on Tuesday.

Stay rad.-Punk



5 Comments Add yours

  1. genesisgonzy says:

    The contour brush is amazing!! Its one of my favorite brushes!


    1. The Prep The Punk The Posh says:

      It deposits color so well and makes me look so chiseled, completely agree-Punk

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Unfiltered says:

    Loving your posts!


    1. The Prep The Punk The Posh says:

      Thanks so much, I’m glad you’re enjoying them!-Punk


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