Spice Up Your Life

Hey lovebug! Today’s Makeup Monday is a breakdown of my new favorite summer look!

I’m a neutral cut crease girl at heart so vibrant colors aren’t really my thing. I’ve been trying to break out of this habit and institute some bright hues into my makeup life. This gorgeous blue look is the product of these attempts and I’m really loving it.


  1. First off I primed my eyelids so that the shadow would last through out the day.
  2. Next I took the bright turquoise color from my Morphe 35B palette (review here) and blended this onto my lid.  Picture1
  3. Once the lid was completely covered, I took the Peanut Butter shade from my Too Faced’s Peanut Butter and Jelly Palette (review here) and blended the blue into the crease. Picture2
  4. After I had sufficiently blend those two colors out, I grabbed a tan beige color from the Morphe palette and finished blending the caramel color into my upper eyelid. Picture3
  5. I repeated the same process under my bottom lash line just covering less surface area.
  6. Finish off by doing your brows and mascara and you’re done!

I really have enjoyed wearing this look recently so I hope this gives you some makeup inspiration for the rest of summer! Tell me below what new makeup looks you’ve been trying out and I’ll see y’all later.

Love ya bunches! –Prep


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